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PO Box 1078 Brighton, MI 48116 (810)623-8939 | A cutting edge training organization based in Brighton, Michigan that provides firearm skills and training courses to Private Citizens.
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Welcome to TOP SHOT Training, LLC. We are a cutting edge training organization based in Brighton, Michigan that provides firearm skills and training courses to Private Citizens. We appreciate your time and business and look forward to training with you, making the world a safer place for you and your family.

Our mission; to develop in the students the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen's right to self-defense.


"Informative, Engaging, and Empowering! Those are the three words I feel best describe Top Shot's CPL course I recently had the opportunity to attend. The training Jeff and Pete provide has the appropriate balance between class instruction and range exercises, while keeping safety paramount. There were countless times during the course in which I was exposed to new information or techniques that I previously never considered.
I highly recommend this course to a wide range of hand gun users and anyone who desires to become informed on safety, laws and options to carrying a pistol to protect one’s self and family"…Chris O.

"Having been a shooter most of my life as well as attending other tactical instruction courses over the years, I went in to TOP SHOT’s training expecting more of the same. That proved to be the furthest thing from the truth. Jeff and Pete provided excellent introductory instruction and reinforcement of our basic handgun skills as well as a course of instruction that allowed us to push our abilities well beyond what we thought possible. The extensive list of post CPL continued training offered by TOP SHOT Training allows one the opportunity to advance their skill set beyond that of the average concealed carry permit holder. I would recommend TOP SHOT Training’s courses to anyone interested in improving their practical ability to protect themselves with a firearm"…Kelley R.

"I highly recommend the CPL class offered by “Top Shot Training”. Both Jeff & Pete are Sanctioned NRA instructors. From the classroom to the range, the program offered professional instruction & training with uncompromising safety through instruction and simulation.  I feel that the CPL course offered by Top Shot Training is the cornerstone of firearms safety, proficiency & preparedness to continue to build my personal defense skills."

“Be Safe, Be Prepared”!...
Bill O.

“I recently took Top Shot's (Jeff and Pete's) CPL course and I would like to say that they are extremely impressive individuals. I have only recently been interested in hand guns for personal and family protection. Going in I felt a little unsure of myself, Jeff and Pete were extremely friendly and reassuring. Jeff even lent me his Smith and Wesson M&P to complete the course, as I did not yet own my own hand gun. I can't say enough about Jeff and Pete, they taught me more in one day then I have learned in my life about how to own and operate a handgun. I would recommend their course unquestionably above all others I have taken. These guys are the real deal.

Thanks Jeff and Pete!".....Ben E.

“My wife and I signed up to take the CPL class through Top Shot at the Howell Gun Club on January 28 but we were both somewhat unfamiliar with pistols. We contacted Jeff and Pete and they willingly agreed to meet us the day before the class to cover the different types of pistols and their safe use. Jeff and Pete place great emphasis on safety and the pre class experience put us both at ease for the class the next day. The class was very organized, relaxed and informative. The tempo was upbeat and the day moved along quickly. Jeff and Pete did their best to make it an enjoyable event and they were very successful. I have recommended this class to many of my friends and acquaintances and 4 of them have taken the class since we attended. When we asked them about the class their comments mirrored our experience.

I highly recommend Top Shot to anyone wishing to take a CPL class”…..Dale R.

"Hi Jeff, I really want to thank you and Pete on a job well done.  Myself along with 16 friends and neighbors were looking for a professional, educational and “real life” experience CPL course to take.  Your group came highly recommended and you did not disappoint.  You accommodated our complete group and everyone felt like they were part of the course…a challenge with a large group to say the least!  We found every portion of the course informative and we were all left wanting more.  It is difficult to cover so many topics in a 1 day class.  Your team accomplished that and we all found excellent take home value in each portion.  Some of our folks had limited experience with firearms…they were made to feel comfortable and left respecting the firearms and the course. Great job, hope to take a follow-up with you one day!" .....Dante' S.

"I highly recommend the CPL class offered by Top Shot Training. The instructors are knowledgeable, instructive and enthusiastic. They have a calm, comfortable manner about them that is not intimidating to the novice. Their presentations are enjoyable and insightful and even though there is a major amount of information to teach and range time to cover, they don't hesitate to take time to help and encourage the members of their classes. In addition to the class material and range time, they share personal experiences, reading material suggestions, relevant web sites, and tips on what to expect when applying for the CPL. I will definitely provide the contact information for Top Shot Training to anyone I know who is interested in taking a CPL class".....Joan S.

"I would be happy to give my personal approval of your class, it was done professionally, and with Tact and Safety in mind, the instructors were courteous and gave a sense of caring that I got the most out of the class as I possibly could. I learned a lot, and enjoyed the whole experience immensely."......Nick N.

"The Top Shot Training CPL Class was very professional and informative. The scope of their classroom and shooting range instruction was impressive. The legal portion of the classroom instruction provided by law enforcement provided CPL responsibilities and liabilities and included real life experiences. The shooting range instruction provided basic handgun handling and operation and basic self-defense instruction. I have assisted in other CPL classes provided by other trainers as a range safety officer and decided to take my instruction and training with Top Shot Training. I would definitely recommend the instructors of Top Shot Training to anyone interested in obtaining a CPL license. Best CPL class and instruction I have seen yet!"......Mike D.

"Hi Jeff, I attended your CPL class a few weeks ago and wanted to thank you and Pete for an informative and fun course. The course info and your practical and personal experiences made a great combination. Also the legal portion presented by the Oakland County Sheriff Deputy contributed a wealth of real world information. I would highly recommend your course to anyone. Also, the course info packet and booklets plus the carrying and clothing options were a great bonus. Thanks Again"......Rich G.


12/11/2012: First quarter 2013 Michigan CPL Class dates posted on the "Michigan CCW/CPL" course on the "courses" tab.

08/01/2012: Be sure to visit & "LIKE" us on our Facebook page as well. (link:

03/11/2012: Added link to "Michigan Pistol Sales Record" form for pistol sales on the "links" page. 

03/07/2012: Additional dates added for the "Michigan CCW/CPL" course on the "courses" tab.

02/29/2012: Added link to the "Firearms Laws of Michigan-2011" on the "LINKS" sub-page (yes, all 272+ pages of it!)

02/25/2012: Next "Michigan CCW/CPL" course with seats still available is scheduled for Saturday March 10th, email us ASAP if you would like a spot!

01/29/2012: For a limited time, TOP SHOT Training, LLC. announces waiving of their fees* for "Michigan CCW/CPL" training to anyone who's spouse is actively serving outside of the country in the armed services. (* Please contact us for specific details.)

01/25/2012: New on-line registration form available for "Michigan CCW/CPL" course on the TOP SHOT Training, LLC. web site under the "Courses" tab on the navigation bar.